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WE GO FOR PEACE - Cyprus Expedition: Explorations in a divided land (English text)

An expedition organized by the Ecumenical University Chaplaincy in cooperation with the International Office


Tuesday, May 28th – Wednesday, June 4th 2024


8-day air travel


There are armed conflicts in all regions of the world. Peace efforts are therefore more important than ever. As peace is very important to us, we set out in search of clues: How is peaceful coexistence possible?

The destination of our trip: Cyprus!

Cyprus is a country in which political and religious peace work is urgently needed and is taking place. The planned travel program, which we have developed together with the travel agency "Tobit - Travel between Heaven and Earth", envisages that we will learn from Cypriot peace initiatives and be inspired, that we will get to know the country and its people, and that we will find ourselves in the wonderful embark on the path of peace in the Cypriot landscape.

Encounters with people and initiatives that are committed to the peaceful coexistence of the two ethnic groups on the divided island are planned.

Excursions into the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus and passing through the checkpoints will give a good insight into the reality of life. On the excursions to the occupied areas, in addition to the Cypriot tour guide, the group will also have a Turkish-Cypriot companion who is available for discussions and questions.

The "Home of Cooperation" will be visited in Nicosia.

Representatives of the UN and members of the United Cyprus Platform (UCP), which supports the rapprochement of the two communities and has the ultimate goal of reunifying the island, are also requested as interlocutors. It is part of the Initiative for Peace - United Cyprus.


Below you will find some more information about the program which is subject to changes. In particular, the meetings and discussions with the peace initiatives can only be planned at short notice and require our flexibility.

Travel program

Day 1: Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Welcome to Cyprus

Scheduled flight with Swiss from Stuttgart via Zurich to Larnaca.

Welcome by the German-speaking tour guide at the airport.

Transfer to Limassol. Room check-in for 7 nights in a 3* hotel, the Park Beach Hotel.

Dinner at the hotel


2nd day: Wednesday, May 29, 2024

On the way to the northern areas of Cyprus: Famagusta

The first trip leads directly to one of the checkpoints on the de-facto dividing line between the areas under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the occupied areas, so that the consequences of the division are immediately felt. In order to pass the checkpoint, the visitor must be in possession of a passport, which must be valid for at least 2 months for EU citizens.

Drive to Famagusta.Famagusta is located on the east coast of the island, is in the northern part and was considered the most beautiful city in the country until the occupation. Walk through the old town, which is worth seeing. Walk through the beautiful old town. Free time. We continue to Salamis, where we visit the Roman theater and the ruins of the Roman baths. You may also visit the monastery of the Apostle Barnabas.

Return to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.


3rd day: Thursday, May 30, 2024

Around Limassol

Drive through the Phassouri citrus orchards to Kolossi Fortress, an outstanding example of medieval military architecture. In 1291 the fortress became the seat of the Commander of the Order of St. John. It was later taken over by the Templars. After the visit we continue to the Archaeological Park of Kourion. From here there are very beautiful views of the coast. We visit the important Roman excavations such as the theater, the bathing complex with its floor mosaics, the agora and the remains of an early Christian basilica from the 5th century.

Return to Limassol around midday. Lunch break at the restored market hall, where you have the opportunity to try what is probably the most famous snack in Cyprus: souvlaki in flatbread with Shieftalia.

The afternoon has not yet been planned, but there may be an opportunity for conversations and meetings, a stroll through the city in Limassol or free time in the hotel or by the sea.

Dinner at the hotel.


4th day: Friday, May 31, 2024

Nicosia: the last divided capital

Trip to Nicosia.

One of the city's landmarks is Ledra Street, one of the main streets in the old town. The dividing line of the city of Nicosia runs through this street. The road has been closed since the de-facto division following the Turkish invasion in 1974 and was only reopened a few years ago. Sightseeing in the unoccupied and occupied parts. We also pass the crossing point and the checkpoint.

Lunch break and free time.

In the afternoon visit to the ''Home for Cooperation'' in Nicosia, which was founded by the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research. It is a unique community center in the middle of Cyprus's dividing line in the UN buffer zone in Nicosia. The Home for Cooperation overcomes traditional boundaries and brings together diverse people and organizations committed to mutual understanding and common goals. Here the pursuit of peace becomes a tangible reality. Conversation with center employees.

Dinner at the hotel.


5th day: Saturday, June 1st, 2024

On the way in the Troodos Mountains

Today we go on a hike on the Atalante hiking trail. The scenic circular route starts at Troodos Square and circles Olympos, the highest mountain in Cyprus at 1,952 meters, at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,750 meters. The path leads through dense black pine forest and past numerous juniper trees, one of the largest being 800 years old. The panoramic views of the island are overwhelming. Particularly interesting is the insight into a disused chrome mine that was in operation until 1982.

After the hike we visit the village of Omodos. The winegrowing village is located in the vineyards at the foot of Troodos and is one of the most picturesque places in Cyprus. Visit to the Holy Cross Monastery and free time at the village square.

Dinner at the hotel.

(Difficulty level of hike: Easy; 150 m ascent and 150 m descent, length: approx. 13.5 km; duration: approx. 4.5 hours)


6th day: Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

To the west of the island: Paphos

Drive to Paphos, which was the island's capital for six centuries in ancient times and, with its 2,000-year-old history, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour with a visit to the royal tombs with the famous mosaics in the houses of Dionysus. Afterwards, free time at the picturesque fishing harbor for lunch and a walk.

In the afternoon we drive to the monastery of Agios Neophytos near the village of Mesogi. It was founded around 1200 by St. Neofitos, a hermit. The hermitage, which he carved into the rock with his own hands, contains some of the most beautiful Byzantine frescoes from the 12th - 15th centuries. Tour.

Dinner at the hotel.


7th day: Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Along the coast

Today we look forward to a wonderful hike on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, where we follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite - the goddess of love. We start at Aphrodite's Rock, Petra tou Romiou, where, according to Homer, the goddess of love rose from the waves of the sea. During our excursion we always have a wonderful view of the turquoise sea and the rugged coast. The tour guide will also open your eyes to the rich vegetation: with over 130 endemic plants, Cyprus is a paradise for botanists and nature lovers. At the end of the hike we will be rewarded with a tasty picnic with Cypriot specialties and wine! After the picnic we drive back to the hotel.

The afternoon has not yet been planned, but there may be an opportunity for conversations and meetings, a stroll through the city in Limassol or free time in the hotel or by the sea.

Dinner at the hotel.

(Difficulty level of the hike: Easy; Length: 5.5 km; Duration: approx. 1.5 hours)


8th day: Tuesday, June 4th, 2024


Drive to Larnaca, where the church dedicated to St. Lazarus is located. This church was built in the 9th century and reconstructed in the 17th century. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Byzantine architecture in Cyprus. Sightseeing and then free time in Larnaca.

In the afternoon transfer to the airport.

Scheduled flight with Lufthansa from Larnaca via Munich to Stuttgart.


The following applies to all days:

Where appropriate, we come together for thought-provoking impulses, spiritual impulses and discussions. At the regular end of the day, we reflect on what we have experienced together and talk about it.


The following services are included in the travel price

• Scheduled flight from Stuttgart via Zurich to Larnaca with Swiss and back from Larnaca via Munich to Stuttgart with Lufthansa

• All airport taxes and fees

• Accommodation in a double room with bath/shower and toilet

• 7 nights in a 3* hotel:

May 28th - June 4th, 2024, Overnight stay: Limassol, Park Beach Hotel

• 7 x half board (breakfast and dinner)

• Picnic during a hike

• All bus trips and transfers in Cyprus

• Daily, local German-speaking tour guide for all tours, sightseeing and hikes

• All entrance fees (according to the program)

• Tips for hotels, bus drivers and tour guides of €30 per person


Not included in the tour price:

Expenses for personal needs, other travel services not mentioned, drinks, other meals, airport transfers in Germany, travel insurance


Travel price: 300 €

- each per person in a double room -

(Single room supplement: €195)

This sensationally low price is only possible because our peace trip is heavily subsidized by church funding (especially the Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart). The funding is tied to a maximum age of 32 years.



The registration process is completed.



In order to pass through the checkpoint into Turkish-occupied areas, the visitor must be in possession of a passport, which must be valid for at least 2 months for EU citizens .

No special vaccinations are required for this trip.

English is predominantly spoken on the trip.

We would like to point out that this trip is only recommended for people with limited mobility under certain conditions.


We would be happy to welcome participants from many different cultural backgrounds. Number of participants is limited to 26.


Travel escort

Claudia Kook und Alexandra Holzbauer (University Chaplaincy)

Andrea Heißler-Keinath (International Office)


Tour operator

Tobit – Reisen GmbH

Andreas Schmitz

Wiesbadener Straße 1

65549 Limburg

Tel.: 06431-941940